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Our Curriculum

At Field Lane we believe that all children have the entitlement to a broad, balanced, creative and coherent curriculum which should prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century. They should be equipped with the skills, attitudes and dispositions they need to become well rounded individuals and life-long learners whilst instilling the love of learning.

In order for children to learn to think for themselves the curriculum should be enquiry based. It is important that children are responsible for their own learning enabling them to plan and show initiative; persevere and have a commitment to self-improvement.

The curriculum aims to:

  • Promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.
  • Create a sense of wonder in its pupils.
  • Promote inclusion, diversity and community cohesion.
  • Keep up with technology.
  • Encourage children to work independently and cooperatively.
  • Ensure that children are taught to become enterprising.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and raise aspirations.
  • Help to make children socially responsible.
  • Contribute very well to pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.
  • Ensure that all pupils realise their potential.
  • Ensure that children achieve high standards across a variety of subjects.
  • Ensure that all children are taught the essential knowledge in the subject discipline
  • Please use the link below to find out about the changes to the New Curriculum 

Yorkshire Theme 2017-18

We are lucky to live and work in an area of the country that is rich in history, has a diverse cultural heritage and varied landscape. This year we are focusing on our local area and making the most of the wonderful teaching and learning it can provide us. Getting to know our local area also helps pupils to develop a greater awareness of their place in the wider wold and develop an appreciation of their own heritage.

International Primary Curriculum

We provide an interesting and varied curriculum for all our pupils. Termly trips and a variety of visitors enhance lessons and add a 'Wow' factor to teaching and learning. We use structured approaches to the teaching of reading, writing and maths to ensure that all our pupils are confident, literate and numerate young people. We use the 'International Primary Curriculum' from Year 1 to Year 6 to teach subjects including art, science, geography, history and technology. It is a topic based approach and each class follows a theme for a number of weeks.  


We use a play based interactive approach to deliver the Early Years curriculum which focuses on seven key areas of learning. Our pupils use the indoor classroom and outdoor areas choosing from a range of activities throughout sessions. Reading, writing and maths are taught using a structured approach with whole class and small group adult lead activities.

Structured phonics sessions, using the Read Write Inc (RWI), equip the pupils with foundations for reading.

KS1 and KS2

Morning lessons focus on the teaching of basic skills, reading, writing and maths.

Reading is taught using a structured phonics programme (RWI) as well as in small group and individual reading sessions with adults. All pupils use their reading skills across the curriculum to develop their understanding and to promote their enjoyment of reading. 'Accelerated Reader ' is now being introduced to our younger pupils.

Writing is taught in daily literacy lessons, with further opportunities in other curriculum areas being provided for pupils to write for 'real ' purposes eg/ letters, newspaper articles, posters. We use a cursive writing script with pupils from year 1 throughout school.

Maths is taught using in daily maths lessons. 'Numicon' is an example of one of the many resources which we use in all classes to enhance maths teaching and ensure that abstract conceptions start life in concrete experiences.


Field Lane Primary School Curriculum Charter

As well as implementing the 'International Primary Curriculum' we also pledge that during pupils' time at Field Lane Primary School, we will ensure that every child will have the opportunity to:


Go camping and learn to put a tent up

Residential visit-team building activities

Visit London and understand why it is our capital city

Learn about the Royal Family

Have a piece of art work displayed

Visit a theatre and watch a live performance

Go rock climbing

Take part in Cycling Proficiency and be able to safely ride a bike

Participate in at least 5 different sports

Take part in a disability awareness raising activity

Learn to play an instrument

Volunteer in the community

Family Events

Grow, tend, and nurture a plant / living thing

Learn basic first aid

Create and sell something to raise money for charity

Grow ingredients to make a meal

Be able to cook a basic meal and understand a balanced diet

Visit a local farm

Understand how to use the Internet safely

Visit the seaside

Take part in local walks

Learn about local heritage

Build a den and learn basic survival skills

Work alongside an artist

Meet an author

Visit different places of employment

Make a snowman- Ice sculptures 


Click here to find our Curriculum Policy.


Learning is so much fun at Field Lane Primary School.  Please take a look at our gallery to find out more!





 Field Lane Curriculum Statement

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