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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent

“A framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage (intent)… …

The process of re designing our curriculum started two years ago as a result of teacher’s struggling to cover curriculum content and fragmented teaching of subjects. From listening to pupil voice it was clear that they felt under time pressure to constantly be moving on and this was adding to children’s intrinsic stress.


What we wanted from our curriculum

We wanted our curriculum to enable :

Children to become absorbed in learning and develop a deep body of knowledge.

Teachers to be passionate about what they are teaching and children to be passionate about what they are learning.

Children to be inspired to continue their learning outside of the classroom because of what we are teaching inside the classroom.

Curriculum areas that fit together like a jigsaw so that learning becomes fluid between subject areas and strong curriculum links are developed.

Children to develop deep subject knowledge about specific themes that is transferable and is used to support learning in different subject areas.

To remove the pressure of coverage to allow children to explore themes in depth.

Be age dependent and be accessible for all our children

Prepare children for the next stage in their life and stage

Develop curiosity and critical thinkers

Promote independence and intrinsic learners and develop aspirations


Knowledge and Skills

When considering our curriculum our teacher believed that teaching knowledge and skills could not be taught in isolation and we have therefore designed our curriculum so that knowledge and skills are taught hand in hand.

When teaching knowledge we want to

inspire our children to want to acquire new knowledge

understand what knowledge interest them as individuals and set the foundations for further learning

use the knowledge gained to influence their day to day choices and their impact in society

When teaching skills we want

children to use these to acquire new knowledge

skills to be transferable and used in different elements of their learning


Implementation of the curriculum

'for translating that framework over time into a structure and narrative, within an institutional context (implementation)… …

Taking all this into account we have designed our curriculum around a thematic approach. In consultation with the children we have carefully selected relevant themes that sparks children’s interests and enjoyment.  These themes have been selected over the past few years through trial and error and feedback from staff and children. We are now at the point where we have a whole school framework for delivering the national curriculum that our teacher are passionate about delivering and our children love learning about. Careful consideration has been given to coverage and the development of skills and knowledge within these themes which are woven into the themes to ensure progression in knowledge and skills within individual subject areas.. This approach is based on a calculated decision designed to remove the intrinsic stress some children experience when jumping from subject to subject. One of the important factors when planning our curriculum was to inspire children and open up avenues for further exploration that they would not necessarily have.

Popular books that share the common theme are used to teach reading and writing. Eg. One of our year five themes is based around Harry Potter.

Most curriculum subjects are taught through the theme which is used as the vehicle to teach specific skills. Again sticking to the Harry Potter theme – sketching is linked to a falconry visit where the children are taught to sketch owls.

PSHCE (personal, social, health and citizenship), SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) education are interwoven within these themes. Eg. In the year 3 we will rock you theme, where the pupils study the stone age, we debate the fur industry and its use in fashion.

We believe that children hood experiences help develop knowledge, skills and an understanding of the world.  As not all children’s experiences are the same we aim to provide educational experiences that will support children in their learning. We invest heavily in providing these experiences and believe the impact is evident in the children’s knowledge and understanding. We are extremely fortunate to have two mini buses at school that enable us to travel far and wide.



During their time at school we currently offer two residentials. These give the children fantastic opportunities to overcome personal challenges and develop their confidence

Year 4 – Robinwood

Year 4 have traditionally visited Robinwood for a 2 night residential where the experience rock climbing, caving, archery, night lighting and The Piranha Pool


Year 6 – London

For the past three years we have visited London with the year 6 pupils from Luddendenfoot, Siddal and Field Lane. During the three days we

Visit the House of Parliament

See a show (Matilda, Lion King)

Visit the Harry Potter Museum



The children leave our school as well rounded confident individuals who are well prepared for their next stage in their journey. The children receive a broad and balance curriculum which has given them a wealth of experiences.